Construction Days 2021 talks and workshops pre-program

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For the 3-day duration of CONSTRUCTION DAYS, gain further insight into tomorrow's construction challenges through a series of talks and round tables.

A series of talks and round tables addressing four main themes:

  • Digital transition
  • Environmental transition
  • Risk prevention and Safety
  • Jobs and Training

Organised in partnership with a steering committee made up of industry experts:

  • Grégoire ARRANZ – CEO - ARKANCE
  • Dominique CHEVILLARD – Technical and Research Director - FNTP
  • Pascal PETIT-JEAN – Secretary General - SEIMAT
  • Vincent SIMON – Deputy Secretary General - UMGO
  • Isabelle ALFANO - AgEquipements & Construction  Business Unit Director
  • Laura SANCHEZ - Marketing & Communications Director 
  • Coline POIROT - Content Manager

To offer valuable insight into tomorrow’s construction challenges, the talks and workshops programme will deal with all the themes lying at the heart of the substantial transformations underway in the sector: the transition to a post-carbon economy, circular economy, digitisation of construction projects, equipment automation, IoT, digital tools… along with employment and society-related topics such as occupational health and safety, training, employment and the appeal of jobs in construction.

Talks and workshops will take place every day under the exhibition marquee.

Talks and round tables pre-schedule


Tuesday, September 14th

Wednesday, September 15th

Thursday, September 16th

11h > 12h

Rationalisation des process : le chantier connecté, un choc de la simplification

Un chantier toujours plus vertueux: les nouvelles technologies au service de la transition énergétique

Focus Formation-Emploi : Nouvelles compétences et nouveaux métiers , Accompagner la digitalisation

14h30 > 15h30

Garantir un environnement de travail sécurisé grâce aux nouvelles technologies

Comment démarrer/améliorer ma transition énergétique


Full schedule coming soon