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Detailed description

The RIVCITY is a real small trencher on tracks, very compact, allowing it to operate in confined and restricted areas with a low impact on traffic and pedestrian traffic. Thanks to its 2 wheels : - TRCITY - TR80T This trencher is also very versatile for the realization of micro or mini trenches with mechanized installation of all types of networks.




    As a manufacturer and bodybuilder since 1952, RIVARD innovates to improve the daily life and safety of operators working on our sewage, public works and high-pressure equipment.
    RIVARD is an industrial company with a wide range of skills. From boiler making to automation, our more than 300 employees make it a point of honor to master all processes. At each stage of production, we make sure to use the best means to maintain a high level of performance and reach our quality objectives. RIVARD is certified ISO 9001 : ISO 45001, and has numerous professional certifications. 
    We manufacture vehicles that you see every day...
    In relation with our customers we develop ergonomic and performing equipments. All our products meet the criteria of customer requirements and the standards in force.
    We provide a global service from design to commissioning of the equipment designed in our factory located near Angers, in Morannes-Sur-Sarthe/Daumeray (49-France).
    RIVARD is a key player in the sanitation markets with an offer of first intervention vehicles mounted on TOYOTA HILUX, combined suction/HP and ATEX equipment up to 32 t mounted on all makes of chassis. We have many in-house skills (Mechanics, Suction, Hydraulics, Ultra High Pressure, Automation...) allowing us to be prime contractor on XXL industrial projects and also to meet the needs of construction companies in terms of earthmoving: trenchers and excavators by suction.
    Today, RIVARD is a recognized manufacturer of this equipment and is positioned on demanding markets.
    Since the beginning of the 80's, RIVARD has been present on the Public Works market and more precisely on the earthmoving activities. Initiated by draglines for the road works on UNIMOG carriers, we have naturally, as a manufacturer, developed trenchers with mechanized installation to support the deployment of networks on any ground (HV, HTA, Water, Gas, Fibers...). As a body builder of heavy equipment and mastering vacuum techniques, we quickly entered the vacuum excavation market.
    Today, RIVARD offers two models of vacuum excavators, on 26t and 32t carriers, benefiting from numerous options and vacuuming all types of materials, whether solid, pasty or liquid.

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