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Digital Timesheets enables hours to be recorded directly in the field. It is especially valued by field teams, human resources and finance departments for its ease of use, high degree of personalisation, and its integration with management software (ERP, payroll, HRIS, etc.). Main advantages: - Ergonomics and support with data capture: pre-population, geolocation, event capture, validation process, alert system, etc. - Available on all devices and operating systems - Offline function - Multiple interfaces to adapt to each job - Integration of cost structures, management rules, contract information of employees and interims, etc. The software provides real-time availability of the field data required for payroll calculation and tracking labour costs.




    Traxxeo is a software company specialising in software and mobile applications for managing human and material resources (vehicles, machines, tools) for companies in the construction, energy, and facilities management sectors.

    These solutions enable companies to improve competitiveness by increasing productivity and controlling costs.

    Established in 2008, the company supports its clients in their digitalisation in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and is committed to building the future of their mobile resource management with the latest and most powerful technology.

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