Updated on 09/08/2021


Present on exhibition Construction Days 2021
From 14 to September 16, 2021


10 allée du canal
ZC des Landes

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Company details


MAC3 is a French company expert in the design, manufacture and marketing of 3 families of products in the field of compressed air: demolition tools and pneumatic spraying systems, mobile compressors and industrial compressors.

For 10 years now that MAC3 started its activity, the company is today proud to be the last French manufacturer of pneumatic tools. Beyond this particularity, MAC3 has a strong product development approach articulated around 2 axes: Planet Care (respect for the environment) & People Care (improvement of the working conditions of users of MAC3 products).

Thanks to this policy, MAC3 now offers innovative products such as AIRGO, a low vibration breaker, or the VDT, a vacuum dust trapper developed for pneumatic demolition tools. MAC3 is also a wide range of pneumatic tools, recognized for their reliability and resistance over time; mobile compressors equipped with the best components on the market; and projection tools using the energy of compressed air.


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